IdB4: Entity Search Search Terms button deletes search terms if incorrect term entered

Peter Wass 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 6

I'm not happy with the text box and 'Add search terms' button.

*I tried adding a search term manually and nothing happened. I got the format wrong but there was no feedback on what was going on, it just did nothing.

*I then added a search term using the buttons above the attribute names and it created a term for me.

*I then tried adding it again manually and it failed (format wrong again). Once I got the format correct, however, it deleted the existing terms because I had the column name wrong. An error message when adding it rather then deleting all the terms would be good.

*finally I managed to get it to add once I termed everything properly.

Can I suggest also:

  • Have a format suggestion near the button to help
  • When clicking the 'Add' button over the column name, it defaults to Attribute 'hasValue', hasValue 'Equals'... 'HasValue' doesn't really mean much in the language we call English. I get that it means 'Attribute hasValue equals True' but it needs you to think about what it means rather then being obvious.


Hi Peter,

I agree that manually adding terms through the text box is not friendly enough - and considering that all of the available search terms have been supported in the various UI components - it makes more sense to just remove the text box altogether.

I've rearranged the operators, attributes, and input fields to line up side-by-side, to reflect the understood structure (attached screenshots).

Reassigned for confirmation

Yup - that looks much better.

I assume the 'StringVal' is in reference to the validator. It might be bettter to have:

Attribute Type: String

To make it a little more obvious what StringVal is... Having two lines might work to give you headings:

Attribute Type Operator Value
String Equals blah

Hey, no stringval is the name of a field in one of my test schemas.

Cool - then it looks fine

This has been confirmed locally, and will be fixed as of beta release.