Issues with non-required key fields when adding

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 8

Found during IDB-197, the changing of the add method to prevent mismatching DNs (see IDBFIM-11) has exposed a new issue with non-required key fields. If a key field is not specified during the save operation (which is valid for systems such as SharePoint List as the target system generates it), null reference exceptions are perpetuated throughout. Estimate includes discovery, environment configuration, debugging and testing time.

Initial error occurred because the array equality comparer did not properly handle null values around hash codes. Fixing this has caused additional null reference exceptions to occur when the connector entity repository is checked to see if the key already exists.

The new default schema key DN generator requires the schema key to be populated in order to precalculate the DN before committing the save. As such, if an adapter is added with a non-required schema key, the DN cannot be generated. If a connector has a non-required schema key, any adapters created using the connector should default to the entity ID generator. Moreover, an alert should be thrown if an adapter uses a schema key DN generator and the connector schema key is later changed to be non-required.

Changed priority of remaining work

Note: The alert is the outstanding piece of work.

Fixed issue where the schema key generator was not used unless all fields were required - this has been changed to only check the keys again.

Tony, you've said you've resolved this. Please close as you see appropriate.


In the event this occurs (or any DN component requires reconfiguration), the adapter is correctly disabled and cannot be reenabled, but there is no indication as to why on the UI.

Required behaviour has been confirmed correct locally, and can be closed in the next incoming push.

Confirmed in the last test. Issue closed.