Add a transformation for making an adapter LDIF compliant

Tony Sheehy 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

To cut down on the time required to add Move transformations for each field
to ensure that it is LDIF-compliant, it may be useful to give the user the ability to hit a "Make LDIF compliant" button, which would either add a series of Move transformations automatically or add a single LdifComplianceTransformation.

LDAP Compliant.png

I like the first option of adding move transformations as it gives you more control over field names where the loss of a symbol may completely change the meaning. Maybe rather than having a button, this behaviour should be automatic when an adapter is added.

Matthew, there are more use cases that have to be taken into consideration, such as adding new fields to the connector and removing fields from a connector.

AvV: Assigned to Matthew.

When it is detected that the adapter schema is not LDAP compliant, a warning message appears above the schema asking if they would like to add a move transformation to update field names. If additional fields are added later, the same message will appear and will move all currently invalid names. If a duplicate field would be created, an increment is added to the field name.

Final addition will be to prevent users from enabling the adapter in the event invalid names are present. While this is not a requirement of NIM, this is still in line with the roadmap for the product with regards to LDAP.

Adapter validation now checks for LDAP compliant fields. Marked as resolved, please confirm if appropriate.

Confirmed during friday's testing.