The "Move" tranformation has the SourceAttribute and TargetAttribute in swapped incorrectly

Shane Lim 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

In Identity Broker v3.0.5.6, for the IDB305:Move attributes transformation the use of SourceAttribute and TargetAttribute is in the reverse order (swapped). This caused inconstency with the documentation for <columnMapping>, IDB305:Column mapping configuration and other transformation type such as IDB305:Relational transformation and IDB305:Relational with string priority transformation

Please see -ACGCEO-10- for further details of this issue.

I have noted that the documentation has been updated IDB305:Move attributes transformation

Thus now the documentation is correct, but the actually configuration is still need to be swapped between SourceAttribute and TargetAttribute until this issue is fixed.

Thank you.

Resolved as duplicate.

Please see IDB-46 for original issue.

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Duplication. Closed.