IdB for FIM ECMA feature request: replay import (LDIF) file

Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 9

With the ECMAs for FIM that I've written myself, one of the most useful features I was able to easily implement was the ability to set an ECMA parameter that would allow me to reprocess the last full import (LDIF in this case) file generated by either the ECMA full or delta import. I know that when FIM R2 comes this appears to change the paradigm, but nonetheless with the time that it takes me to construct a full import file before I can test my FIM solution in a lab, the ability to replay import files this way would be very handy. An added spin-off for this was to be able to replay production-generated LDIF files in a lab environment for analysis - something that proved crucial for me @ CSODBB in both troubleshooting and testing.

Enable Replay Option.png

Moved to Identity Broker for consideration.

If this is done, it will be a v4.0 feature.

Just confirmed our management agents, it looks like the setting that I've seen used that enables users to do this is greyed out (changing the interfaces supported). Adam suggested this may be done easily using a parameter, and I agree.

I had a quick look at the xma xslt, and the enable-recall setting has already been set to true (just a guess as to the setting from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee391991(v=PROT.10).aspx).

Can you see any other settings for this? Or does this setting send through something to a parameter in the adapter? If not, could you please add the above mentioned solution to the adapter?


I always expected you would implement this through a parameter - this is exactly the way I have done it myself

A parameter will be added to the packaged MA and adapter.

Updated remaining estimate for updating the FIM adapter and the packaged MA XML, and testing.

Added a replay option to the adapter. By default, the parameter is set to false. If it is set to false or the value isn't present, the file will be regenerated. If not, the import should use the file currently in the directory.

To be confirmed when testing IDB-125.

The file is correctly replayed. Issue closed.

Covered by 3.2.10 in the regression test document

Re-opening to correct Billing Key