Multivalue DN generator transformation does not function correctly

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 8

According to https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/IDBXT306/Multi-value+Distinguished+Name+generator+transformation, the multivalue DN generator introduces a temporary field of MultivaluePart to an entity in order to run the DN generator across every value in a multivalue field. As this is not a field in the adapter schema, the field is not displayed in the dropdown when configuring the transformation, or in the DN generator for the transformation.

As such, a special type of DN generator should be introduced that is able to take a multivalue field in a component generator and produce the multivalue DN field accordingly. The transformation would no longer need to use a temporary field as a result. This would need to be done in such a manner that existing DN generators function correctly, and that it was only in the context of this transformation that the DN generator behaves this way (as multivalue fields in DNs can be used externally and simply print the multivalue as a string).

Tony, I have added the new dn generator EntityMultiDistinguishedNameGenerator that allows for multiple dns when there is a multi value.

Can you please write a few unit tests to test a few scenarios, such as not having any multi values and having multiple multi values. There are unit tests already that can be added to.

Then test it a solution.


Assigning to me while Tony looks at adding DN generators to the relational composite key transformations.

Attempting to do this on single values would result in error. This has been resolved. I have also fixed up various issues introduced by the other changes to the DN generator interface around modifying DN generator configuration for adapters and transformations.

I have also fixed up an issue where additional field generators would also be treated as multivalued, and produced inconsistent results. It now only performs this special handling if the field is also marked in the schema as multivalued.

Currently confirming the interface changes have no other issues around the ability to configure DNs.

I've been able to confirm adding, updating and deleting DN components for the following:

  • Multivalue DN generator transformations in adapters and composite adapters
  • DN generators for other transformations in adapters and composite adapters
  • DN generators for standard and composite adapters

Marked as resolved, please confirm in the next service build.

Reopening, Tony is looking at Move Up/Down, and promoting to multipart not working. However, the fixed functionality above has been confirmed in the latest build of the service.

Resolved, tested and confirmed in the latest service build. Closed.

Reopening for the logging of time

reclosed following time.