Powershell Connector - Failures.Push not reporting errors back to MA.

Richard Green 9 years ago in PowerShell connector updated by anonymous 9 years ago 1

Hi Guys,

I've been experiencing issues with the PowerShell connector in reporting export errors back to the MA. I'm using a try catch arrangement - with $components.Failures.Push($entity) however this does not appear to succeed in returning an error to the MA.

Attached is my current export script for Adds (Note that the reporting lines are commented out at the moment).

The MA in use is of the new Extensible Connectivity V2.0 type. It occurs to me that this may be similar to the issues we used to have on the IDB MA's with export errors being squashed if the 'Merge pending exports...' flag was not set correctly. However this setting is not present on the new MA type.


Hi Richard Green,

This was fixed on the linked issue. Please get the Services Final.zip attachment from there.

When would be the latest that you could get an updated version of IdB installed?