Identity Broker time offset - greater than 23 hours

Andrew Silcock 10 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

The Time Offset transformation is limited to offsetting a timestamp by 23hrs 59mins and 59secs.

In the case of TAFE I am wanting to transform a date by 14 days (336 hours) which doesn't appear possible. I've looked at the Business Day Transformation however it only sets a flag rather than transforming the actual date/time.

Hi Andrew Silcock, I can't recall exactly what the settings look like for this particular transformation, but if it's just a text box could you try entering just 14, if that doesn't work then 14.00:00:00? Thanks.

Tried that but the UI overrides it back and strips off the days, it also doesn't allow the entry of full stops. I also attempted to put in 336 hours but it sets it back to 23.

please refer to previous comment

I knew I had seen this somewhere, please see IDB-1132. Unfortunately for now it requires a manual update to the config.