Handling Event Broker and Identity Broker config variations between environments

Bob Bradley 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

Variations between Event/Identity Broker configurations being deployed between one environment and the next (e.g. DEV=>UAT=>PROD) are better identified programatically than with the human eye. A similar feature to that used for determinig FIM schema/policy variations during deployment such that the "changes only" migration can occur would be a useful feature for our Broker products as well. Initially a simple report on variations would be useful - and ultimately something akin to the "FIMDelta" feature demonstrated today by Carol might allow selective adds/updates/deletes to be driven via a UI tool.

For clarity, this came up during a discussion about configuration migration and whether the existing plans cover everything; Bob and Carol suggested being able to see a visual representation of the changes between two sets of configuration. I imagine this would be similar to using a diff tool but potentially "smarter".

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