Copy functionality for connectors and adapters

Matthew Clark 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

In order to assist in the configuration of larger amounts of connectors and adapters, a copy function should be added. Consider being able to create multiple copies of a connector and adapter.

Tony has already done the method on the service for connectors, method will need to be added for the adapter engine.

Please also allow for copy to csv and copy to placeholder. Possibly even copy to any other type.

In future versions, some smarter options for configuring multiple connectors and adapters may be considered, such as a mass configuration wizard.

AvV: Need to handle missing configuration eg copying a placeholder to a chris21 connector would be missing configuration.

Is this available yet? I'm looking at creating a placeholder with about 30 attributes and creating them by hand through the interface is going to hurt... and hurt bad.

No unfortunately, we're aiming to have it in our beta release.

As a note, this feature should also ask for the number of times the connector/adapter should be copied, and if multiple are entered it should default to adding an automatically incremented number.

OK - I'll wait for the beta version then The functionality sounds good.

Reassigned for confirmation of completion.

Created IDB-634 for missing functionality.