How do I regulate the frequency of connector polling for Identity Broker 3.* in ConnectorEngine.extensibility.config.xml?

Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 10

Can someone please point me in the right direction of an explanation as to what section I need to configure to set the polling interval? I recall this used to be calculated in ticks for version 2., but I can't see the equivalent in the default 3. config file, and my JIRA searches ("connectorconfigurations", "connector interval", ...) are coming up blank so far.

Please refer to IDB306:Connector pollingElement

Thanks Adam - I can see the example there, and that's all I really need (other than the tick converter utility from somewhere). The corresponding section in the documentation below the example, however, for "pollEntities", is missing.

The correct element is polling, I've just fixed it up.

There is a link to the timings options. There is one that does not require ticks and is a lot easier to use.

Doh! . I have now added the following connectorconfiguration section to each of my 15 connectors ... do you think you could get this (or some other reasonable default) added to the standard installer? Thanks Adam.

<timing name="RecurringTimespanStandardTime">
<timespan value="0:05:00" />

Added to what standard installer?

Good point ... I just remembered that the default connector config is basically empty isn't it . I think then that maybe the example on https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/IDB306/Connector should show the above in lieu of the ticks option, since it's much clearer and less prone to error IMHO. I've just realized that the above polling section is rubbish for me since I have configuration="readingAndWritingConnector" ... so I've changed mine to this:

<timing name="RecurringTimespanStandardTime">
<timespan value="0:05:00" />

Enough 's already ...

Correct with configuration="readingAndWritingConnector" - however you'll also find that the out-of-the-box direct connectors (read SQL/Oracle) don't support polling unless by customisation (ie. code).

Thanks Bob, I have updated the example configuration to use the RecurringTimespanStandardTime

Happy with the doco updates