Re-examine option to start services in installer

Patrick Johannessen 10 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 2

I know we've had issues with this one in the past, but as FIM/TeamCity are two prominent examples of it seeming possible and we generally only target 2008 R2 + these days we should take another look.

Custom actions may also have been a problem before because of 2008 certification, but 2012 only suggests the following is not allowed:

Nested install custom actions (type 7, 23, and 39)

EDIT: This would be in the form of a checkbox where people can opt out.

The issue I was having with this was I had it working, but on some machines the installer would fail with a generic message and roll back the installation.

Resolved. The following functionality has been added:

  • Checkbox for log on as service.
  • WCF ACL.
  • Log/Extensibility/Patches ACL.
  • ASP.NET temp folder ACL.
  • Database user permissions.
  • Checkbox to start service.