Investigate rich editors for LDAP/SQL queries

Patrick Johannessen 11 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 2

From Bob Bradley:

Other ideas are ways to avoid user errors during agent/connector config, e.g.
1. AD/ADLDS changes plug-in
Wondering if something similar to the MMC snap-in LDAP query builder could be added to the Event Broker gui? Something perhaps like http://softwaretopic.informer.com/ldap-query-builder/ or http://jxplorer.org/
2. SQL changes, etc. plugins
Similar to LDAP query builder, wondering if there is a SQL query builder? Maybe something like http://redquerybuilder.appspot.com/?

My response:

Regarding rich editing of LDAP/SQL queries, we could definitely look at that. Are you imagining something like JIRA’s JQL editor? (Go to a filter like https://unifysolutions.jira.com/issues/?filter=-1 and click “Advanced” for an example). The main constraints here are that we would need to find something that’s native to the browser (no Java/Flash/etc plugins) and that has a suitable commercial license.

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