CSV Connector does not seem to pick up multivalue fields

Matthew Clark 12 years ago in CSV connector updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

The field "Telphone" is multivalue, and the following line is being imported:

13,Matthew Clark,1337,"0413371337,0412123123",another@address.com

However, the Telephone value is still being sent to FIM as a single valued field:

dn: CN=859cbd1d-fe77-4cd7-b88d-998f12aae491
objectClass: csvPerson
IdBID: 859cbd1d-fe77-4cd7-b88d-998f12aae491
Key: 13
Name: Matthew Clark
EmployeeID: 1337
Telephone: 0413371337,0412123123
Email: another@address.com

Following a service restart this seems to be functioning correctly for full and delta imports.

So it can be closed?

Any idea what was wrong? How was the connector configured? What was in the database?

As a note on this issue, the field was initially single valued. After removing that field and adding Telephone again as a multivalue, the field still seemed to remain single valued. Will investigate any time factors or any another anomalies

Attempting to replicate, it looks like the packaged MA was not also updated with the schema change. The schema change was made to the connector successfully without the need to restart the service. Issue closed.