Adds over LDIF adapter not working

Matthew Clark 12 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Microsoft Identity Manager updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

Because of the use of the GetObjectClass method which uses an object's DN to work out which schema it should use, new objects are not found for added entities exported to the adapter. The following error is thrown:

Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
Parameter name: A matching entity with distinguished name CN=Identity could not be found in adapter with id a2157878-8417-468e-a6dd-d634cec68b0e.

For adds, the adapter should be checking for the presence of the objectClass attribute exclusively (which is present in the LDIF).

Two additional issues were found and resolved here:

  • Items with null keys (as in the case of adds for the MOSS List connector) were attempting to add nulls to the query handler and failing. Null keys are not looked up against during the add process.
  • The entity ID was not being assigned to the adapter entity properly when provisioned.

Issues discovered, tested and confirmed. Changes to object class handling tested for adds, updates, and deletes. Issue closed.