Entities that fail validation are still having changes registered against them

Adam van Vliet 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 6

An import against a connector with entities that fail validation will generate changes even for those failing entities.

My setup currently has two connectors:

  • e5d00f42-3725-4897-b909-73149f22c8cd (tony)
  • 69e858d9-ef5e-488b-88cb-a75f3a8a1ed5 (AR)

One adapter:

  • b78abc46-dc95-40d8-a2ef-37fcf2986e82 (AR Adapter)

An import against AR generates 20 changes for the 20 entities that are failing validation.

Each time, 20 entries appear in the changes table, with entity id's that cannot be found elsewhere in the database.

Please just determine the impact and work required for this change, as well as an estimate for the fix.


Reassigned for confirmation of completion.

Tony, I moved the logic that was handling the invalid entities to the change processor, as this was already responsible for doing a similar thing that you had tried.

I've locally confirmed this behaviour is once correctly not registering changes for invalid entities. Closed.

reopened for time.

closed following time.