Offsets for date/time relational transformations

Adam van Vliet 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

From SAWTR-26, add offsets to start and end range.



  • DateRelational
  • DateRelational.Compare.String
  • DateRelational.Recent
  • DateRelational.Relevant
  • NextPlacement
  • TimeRelational
  • TimeRelationalPrioritised

Configuration - Two new attributes have been added:

  • RangeStartOffset (TimeSpan)
  • RangeEndOffset (TimeSpan)

Finished coding, leaving open to document at a later stage.

Hi Tony,

I have assigned this issue to you so that you are aware that this feature has been added. Please document if needed, and at least have the configuration available on the UI.

Please assign back to me once you have seen this.


Reassigned on recognition.

Assigned to Tony for documenting.

Will require v3.0.7 doco, and maybe v4.0 (depending on how the v4.0 doco is done).

These will be covered by the configuration of each transformation in the v4 regression test document.

Non-standard behaviour documented in 4.0