Identity Broker tabs not appearing correctly in IE 8

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

When running the Identity Broker service using IE8, the buttons across the top are not currently appearing correctly. See attached screenshot.

IdB v4 buttons.png

Assigned to Tony.

This issue was due to a missing set of IE6/7 specific CSS files that weren't migrated from EB, they have been reincluded and pending confirmation from latest build.

Testing in prdgrp-test2 and attempting to resolve the new tab display issue - confirmation that changes were not sufficient - namely that the lteIE7 conditional is not being applied, and when forcefully applied only slightly fixes the tabs (scrolling immediately produces incorrect display).

Copied from work log.

Please test this issue for IE6/7/8, and ensure that the conditional stylesheet is being applied for the first two. Another conditional stylesheet may need to be added for IE8.


Pending testing for changes, but would be fair to say that this was caused by:

string ie6MainCssUrl = Url.WebResource<SharedController>("Unify.Framework.Web.Areas.Framework.Content.Main.css");

instead of

string ie6MainCssUrl = Url.WebResource<SharedController>("Unify.Framework.Web.Areas.Framework.Content.Main_IE6.css");

Marking as resolved as the change is believed to fix the issue. Assigning to myself for confirmation during regression testing as I will probably be on Test 1.

I have been testing with IE 8 and have noticed no anomalies. Issue closed.