Add support for thresholds similar to Aurion CSV connector

Peter Wass 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

The CSV connector has the ability to have a threshold set:

<csvFile path="d:\Aurion\Reports\employees.csv" useThreshold="True" addThreshold="6" deleteThreshold="50"/>

Does this threshold limit apply to other types of Aurion connectors and if so, what's the xml config for them?


No, as far as I can tell it only applies to the CSV connector. What's the purpose of it from a solution perspective? If it's valid for all approaches I can put it in to the next version I'm working on now.

The only relevance is to provide a level of comfort that we aren't going to delete large swathes of AD accounts when we select 'Delete when disconnected from Aurion'.

That being said, we haven't had a problem with it. Its just a comfort thing for clients.

Thanks Peter. I could potentially see something like that being beneficial to all connectors and not just Aurion, so I'll add it to the generic ones in v3.0.5 and see what happens with v4.0.

I've talked about this with Adam and we're instead going to consider putting it in the v4.0 engine so it applies to all connectors.

Patrick, how did we decide this was going to be achieved? Considering the main IdM platform sends off these requests individually?

Exports happen one-by-one; this will only be possible with the ECMA2 FIM Adapter implementation.

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