Identity Broker service stops when CSV log configured to non-existant drive

Matthew Clark 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

I configured a CSV logger to point to a drive that did not exist (eg. E:\Logs). On an attempt to perform any Identity Broker operation (such as a connector full import), the service stopped. No messages are logged to the event viewer or Management Studio status messages, and no log file is created on the machine. This does not happen if a directory does not exist, as the logger will create it.

Tony, please fix in IDB-184.


A fix has been implemented, and now pending the ability to confirm these changes against a running service.

Tony, I can test this if you like. I'm currently working on getting the IdB service running properly, and this would be fairly easy to check.

Reassigned to test behaviour fixes.

Error is thrown saying that the directory does not exist, and the service starts successfully. This is the appropriate behaviour given configuration via the UI. Issue closed.