Add service delayed start to installer

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 6

On occasion (I know this has occurred at the Department of Finance at the very least) when rebooting the operating system, the Identity Broker service fails to start as the services coordinator attempts to start it before SQL Server.

I briefly (read, spent 5 minutes) looked at resolving this somehow, but it became difficult to resolve on the basis putting a dependency to SQL Server service on the Identity Broker service wouldn't work when SQL Server was on another server.

The outcome of this improvement, if possible, is to resolve this potential source of service failure.

A delayed start may be more reliable considering the difficulty of detecting SQL Server reliably.


Updated the title to match the new requirement of a delayed start, instead of the far more difficult dependency.

Added delayed start to Framework and then Identity Broker.

Tony, I confirmed this locally, are you able to confirm this with an upcoming build?


Confirmed and closed.