PowerShell connector question: Is update $entity OK after create?

Bob Bradley 9 years ago in PowerShell connector updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

We are using an instance of the PowerShell connector to create unique AD accounts which are then to be reimported to FIM to allow the normal FIM Active Directory connector to drive standard inbound/outbound flow rules.

Given we can't easily implement a delta import mechanism for AD, and that the only changes we're interested in checking are the ones made by Identity Broker itself, is it OK to perform say the following lines at the end of the ADD.PS1 script?

$entity['sAMAccountName'] = $sAMAccountName
$entity['mailNickname'] = $mailNickname

Hi Bob Bradley, yes it should work. You shouldn't need the Commit call either, as all that call has a different function (pushes it to a collection, which isn't used for the add/update/delete call).

Thanks Adam van Vliet - will give it a crack.

Looks like I've got this working - after a couple of false starts.