64-bit installer for Management Studio?

Ross Currie 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 8

Looking at https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/SUBIDB/Downloads, I only see an x86 version of the Management Studio.

Is there a 64-bit version? If not, can one be created?

What's the impact of using an x86 version in an x64 environment?

Noted: When I specify a different directory (eg c:\program files\Unify Solutions) instead of the default (program files (x86)), it still installs to the default location rather than the specified one.

Could be an issue in the x86 installer?

Not a big issue for the Management Studio, as this still starts regardless of location. But if it's an issue with the installer (noted it happening with the x86 eMinerva Broker as well - see https://unifysolutions.jira.com/browse/BCE-64), then you will have an issue in environments where mixed connectors are used (there will always be a manual dll-copying step and uninstall/reinstall will be problematic)

See IDB-79 for a similar problem with the install directory.

In regards to a x64 installer, there are currently no plans to create one. The program should still function as a x64 application in x64 environments.

x64 version - no worries. As long as there's no impact
Install location - looks like it won't be an issue for new versions of connectors.

Hey Ross - has this been sufficiently resolved, and can it be closed?

Not really, I'd still like to see an x64 installer. Just makes the whole deployment process a lot easier

But, if there's no plan to create one, then I'm happy to resolve as "won't fix"

Ross, there is no plan to create one for this version range of the Management Studio.

I can assure you that the next major version will include an x64 version.


The issue is only to do with the installer, installers are marked x86 or x64. As the target platform of the main application is all CPUs, it still runs as a 64-bit process. The only impact this has is if there are native libraries attached the plug-ins, such as the SAP connector, in which case a 32-bit targeted version is also supplied by the installer.

yep, no worries.