Can you change the installation directory for the IdB Service?

Daniel Walters 13 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 9

The Identity Broker Service has been written up to be installed on a D: drive here at DET but the installer : "UNIFY Identity Broker Service v3.0.6 x64" does not give an option to select the installation directory. Is there any way to get it installed on the D: drive? Moving the files doesn't work because then the service isn't pointing to the executable.

Hey Adam, Can I get a reply on this. I'm waiting for an answer to go on with a few things. Cheers, Dan.

Sorry Daniel, I'm in Sydney for a conference.

This is first on my list when I get back on Thursday.


No worries, its pre-prod at the moment so its not too much of a worry. I'll just go with C: drive for now and log a change on the deployment guide.

The installers built on my machine are fine, whereas the installers built on other machines do not work.

Researching problem - did not find anything of use.

I have uploaded Identity Broker installers for you to use. The v3.0.6.1 should work for you now.

Please assign the issue back to me once you have confirmed it has worked, so that I can continue logging against the issue whilst looking for a long-term fix that doesn't involve me building everything.


Thanks. That worked.

Assigned to Patrick for confirmation that the fix in the IdB repository has worked.


Successfully installed and uninstalled from a completely different directory.