Placeholder Connector Changes

Peter Wass 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

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The placeholder connector does not appear to trigger the changes plugin in Unify Now. This is an issue where the placeholder is used to generate transformation data for a different object. when the placeholder changes the other object should have a change registered so that it can trigger the UN import.

This may or may not be resolved in v3.0

Adam, can you take steps to find out if this is still a problem?

Please determine whether this is still a problem.

After discussions with Matthew, the simplest way would probably be to export to the placeholder. Check whether it is picked up as a change by Event Broker.


After a number of tests the described behaviour could not be reproduced. An export to a Placeholder connector successfully registered changes against it; The placeholder connector works - with regards to change detection - in the same way as all other connectors.

All changes against any particular connector are cleared when an adapter with that particular connector as its base connector runs an import.

If this behaviour is still encountered in IdentityBroker 4.0 please reopen/reassign this issue.

This was for UNIFYNow, not event broker. Happy to close it now EB is out.