Include a character ValueType

Tony Sheehy 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

There is currently no character field in Identity Broker. This is currently worked around by storing those values in the StringValue field:

GET: entity.GetValue<StringValue>(...).Value0;
SET: entity.SetValue<StringValue>(character.ToString(...));

However if this won't take much time it might be more descriptive to include a character field type.

The idea would have been to just use string. And with the max length validator, it would function in the same way.

I don't see a huge benefit here for users. I don't even know of a connector that uses a character type. I'm not sure I could justify doing the work. Any thoughts?

In retrospect I agree that there isn't enough to justify this; as for connectors, the one that made me think of this was the Aderant Expert connector, and extrapolating from there I would imagine there would be quite a few connectors that represent gender as 'm' vs. 'f' and the like.