Configure Adapter - Distinguished Name Template not user friendly

Matthew Woolnough 10 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

The Configure Adapter Screen - Distinguished Name Template doesnt respond well to input & its not obvious how it should work.

The default DN is:

If I delete the key, so it just says:

No suggestions appear underneath the text box via AJAX. Its only when you delete the whole line & wait that something appears. This is not very user friendly.

Also, typing makes it lose where it's up to, so the next time a component is clicked the component is added in a strange place.

The current implementation does not allow for multiple template editors to be on the same page due to the use of html id's. If possible make use of random id's to allow for multiple dn template editors on the one page.

Potential UI design.vsdx
Potential UI design.vsdx

Kevin Lin, please make sure the work you do doesn't break IDB-1088, or is at least compatible with it.


What I have done in past few days.
1. Finish a online jQuery course and learned jQuery selector and event.
2. figure out how to use jQuery UI sortable (http://jqueryui.com/sortable/#default) and modify it to fit Identity broker UI requirements.
3. Find out the dropdown list bug from Firefox, and the solutions is using jQuery dropdown list. the normal <select> can not work in jQuery UI sortable component, we have to use jQuery UI component adapt into other jQuery UI components, otherwise, some of Browser will not working properly.
4. do some research for "Editable Dropdown List" then I found jQuery UI autoComplete (http://jqueryui.com/autocomplete/#combobox) can fit our needs.

What I am going to do.....
1. I have tried to adapt "jQuery UI autoComplete" into "jQuery UI sortable". However, I failed to adapted it. I have some jQuery UI code which I don't understand yet.
2. Due to jQuery UI is very useful, therefore,I am on the process to take the second online jQuery UI course. I found out a lot of useful jQuery extension coding which can solve more jQuery problems in the future. I am sure I will be very confident to handle most of jQuery UI issue in the future once I finish the second course.
3. Once I finish this IDB1114 issue, I hope I can have some time to study MVC course in order to fix more Identity broker UI issue.

New Jquery ui plugin has created by OO structure.