Error When Creating or Editing Multivalued Group Transformation on Adapter

Tom Parker 2 years ago updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 1 year ago 2

I get the following error either when creating a new multivalued group transform or when editing one that already exists. It occurs after you hit save on the Pick Connector screen.

Image 6372

Under review

Hi Tom,

This field was removed in a release of UNIFYBroker earlier this year, in relation to a fix for this issue:

Multivalue Group transform to a target entity with a NULL … / UNIFYBroker Forum / UNIFY Solutions

Looks like the web binaries have been replaced with the new code (view model) but the HTML is still referencing the old version. 

I'll investigate why the disparity has happened but for now I've specifically patched that environment.