Set Time Offset transformation with days

Dilip Ramakrishnan 10 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

Unable to set the time offset transformation with "days". Able to only set hour,min,seconds.

See attached screenshot


Dilip Ramakrishnan, the offset can be manually edited (xml) to days.hours:minutes:seconds.

I'll schedule a fix for a future version.


At the moment it is set as offset="PT14H". What should be the equivalent for 14 days - "PT14D" or "P14D"?


But we have coded it to also cope for the format that I mentioned.

Hi Kevin Lin, when you take a look at this, the easiest way to fix this is probably to remove the useless jQuery popup and replace it with the unifytimepicker which doesn't destroy user input.


Kevin Lin, can this be resolved?

Yes, it's done.

Confirmed working.