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AD outbound link ends up with join errors to non-existent adapter entities during normal operation

Adrian Corston 2 years ago in UNIFYBroker Service updated 2 years ago 5

Image 6335

Following successful initial data load and a number of normal HRIS/AD connector import cycles an outbound link to AD has somehow ended up with a join to a non-existent adapter entity (in the case above, eeb1ac7e-fda0-4f64-a509-2af2a88ac22f).

Could this be 4306 Non-existant adapter joins when outgoing baseline syncs fail back to haunt me again?  :(

Wrong screen shot - this is the correct one:

Matt suggested to do a data reload given project time constraints.

It didn't help, same issue after complete data reload.

I've only been peripherally on this project up until now so I've requested a change of priorisation so I can spend more time on this and see if I can determine what's causing the error.

Under review

Hi Adrian

I've been looking into this issue more and found situations relating to join fields changing that would result in the "already connected" error incorrectly. I've created a patch to correct these; let me know of the results once it's deployed.