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Sometimes Changes Sync doesn't run when there are pending changes

Adrian Corston 2 years ago in UNIFYBroker Service updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 2 years ago 6

In UNIFYConnect very occasionally Change Sync won't run (either from a schedule or when invoked manually from the UI) when there are pending changes on the link.  Service restart doesn't help, but running a Baseline Sync does.  I have no idea what causes it to get into this state I'm afraid.

Under review

Hi Adrian,

Do you have any logs or any material that might assist with us investigating this one?

I have logs, but there are no log entries relating to the sync change requests/runs in them at all.  When this happens there are no other link sync or import operations running, either, so pretty-much absolutely nothing to help investigate or fix the issue.  I'm only mentioning it for completeness - I can't see any way to fix a problem like this :(

Actually, after further investigation I just found the environment where this just happened has a lot of adapter changes processing on the affected link's adapter (because the base connector on that adapter had been disabled for a long time and was only recently re-enabled).

Also interestingly, although the Baseline Sync cleared the pending incoming sync changes, it didn't actually action them to the locker after all, so it's not a useful workaround because it doesn't actually help.  Once the adapter changes clear I will see if those changes get actioned, and if not then try running a Baseline Sync again.

After I cleared all the adapter changes (could not wait any longer) and re-ran a generate changes the locker updated correctly.

You may as well close this ticket, I'll let you know if it (or something like it) ever happens again and I notice.

Thanks Adrian. We'll definitely do some looking into this one anyway as we get a chance, because changes backing up in one location (like the adapter) shouldn't stop link changes from applying into the locker. Let us know if you see it come up again as well