Changes register item processing on connector failed with reason Cannot process a DateTime of type 'Unspecified'

Adrian Corston 2 years ago in UNIFYBroker Service updated 2 years ago 7

The error Changes register item processing on connector TechOne Person failed with reason Cannot process a DateTime of type 'Unspecified' is logged for an adapter which has a join to another connector with a Timestamp field that was populated by PowerShell when that adapter's base connector imports a new or updated entity, even when that Timestamp field has DateTime kind 'Utc' or 'Local'.

My config has two PowerShell connectors, TechOne Person and TechOne Position.  The Position connector has two fields StartTimestampUTC and EndTimestampUTC which are set to valid DateTime values, of kind 'Utc'.  There is one adapter, TechOne Person, for which the Person connector is a base, and the Position connector is a Join transform with StartTimestampUTC and EndTimestampUTC fields both mapped into adapter fields.

When a new record is present in the Person connector import, reflection causes the above error message to be logged, but the adapter record is created correctly nevertheless.  When a subsequent Generate Changes is run on the adapter, the error is not logged.  If the record is reimported with updated values, the error is logged.

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Hi Adrian

I was able to reproduce. The issue seems to be related to join transformations using a non-local sliding date window when the start or end values are not set or have the undefined kind, but only when the change is driven by the relationship connector. Still need to do some more investigation Monday, but if all goes well it shouldn't take too long after that to get a fix to David.

Fix has been deployed to the specified environment. Please test and report back.

Thanks Beau, will do.  At the moment that environment isn't responsive - Matt and David are working on getting it functional again.

The affected environment is up and running but I didn't get to checking this today sorry.  Will circle back tomorrow.

Confirmed: the issue has been resolved by the patch.  Thanks Beau.

Hi Beau, could you please arrange for this patch to be deployed to all UNIFYConnect environments?