SCIM user update not working in UNIFYConnect

Adrian Corston 2 years ago in UNIFYBroker Service updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 2 years ago 10

I have a SCIM gateway configured in UNIFYConnect and Azure is able to use it to Add users just fine, but when it attempts an update this error is shown:

Image 6276

There's nothing written into the UNIFYBroker log when this happens.

Could you please investigate and advise how to make updates work?

I have been asked to demo this functionality to the customer early next week so it's relatively high priority (and I still have further development work to do once this problem is addressed).

Under review

Is there any clues in the details of the previous steps ("Import user", etc), particularly with the "title" field? The way that the value for "title" is displayed as "(1 value)" is curious too, as if it's trying to send a size 1 array of titles rather than a single title. Check if AAD mapping for title doesn't need to extract a single value from an array

Hi Beau,

'title' is mapped to an adapter field called 'AzureAppRoleXml' which contains a large (typically 150K+) XML data structure.

That field is created in an adapter PowerShell transform schema, and information is extracted from it by the reverse transform script of that field.  It works as expected when adding a new user.

If you don't have access to the UNIFYConnect environment but would like to look at the config just reach out and I can share screen to show you how it's set up.

Here's a file with a typical value for that field.  entity.txt

Found the issue and corrected it. Have provided a patch to David.

Thanks Beau, that's awesome.  I will check it out and let you know.

Hi Adrian

Preparing to roll these changes into the next release of Broker. Has this issue been resolved?