Change detection engine unscheduled for connector X failed with reason Circular dependency detected while attempting to determine base key of A. Current working key: A Process keys: A, B

Adrian Corston 3 years ago in UNIFYBroker Service updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 1 year ago 11

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This error is being written to the UNIFYBroker logs in multiple UNIFYConnect environments.  I deleted all transforms that referred to those fields, removed references to the fields from links, and then recreated them all, but it didn't stop the error from appearing.

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Hi Adrian

Config look OK, but you'll need to clear the old entity data from this adapter. Clear the adapter entities and generate changes, or clear the base connector and re-import if you need to persist future-dated changes in that envrionment. Let me know if the error persists after doing that.

Thanks Beau.

I did the following and the problem is still present:

1. Disable adapter and link
2. Remove adapter transforms which refer to the fields mentioned in the log
3. Clear adapter entities
4. Remove link mappings which refer to the fields mentioned in the log
5. Wait half an hour for UNIFYBroker to clean up its internal database references to the fields mentioned in the log
6. Recreate adapter transforms
7. Recreate link mappings
8. Enable adapter and link
9. Generate changes on adapter

Hi Beau,
Today I logged into the customer's environment for the first time in ages and I see this problem is still happening.  Could we have a shared session so you can show me how to resolve it?  It's a UNIFYAssure service so we have full access to the UNIFYBroker instance.

I see it, was looking at dev twice, for some reason.

Still can't see why this would be happening, though. Got a debugging patch to try and get some more information. Is this replicable in dev at all, or should I get the patch deployed directly to test?

I haven't done anything in DEV for a while, so I don't know if it's happening there or not.

The customer's UAT is on hold because of another problem that I'm working on, so I'm happy for the patch to go into TEST (but also DEV as well, to keep all environments in sync).

Hi Beau,
It looks like there is additional debugging being written in my customer's UNIFYConnect instance now.  Do you have an update or an ETA?

I've found what appears to be the cause and have created a patch which corrects the issue. Will let you know once its been deployed.

Thanks Beau, that's great.

Thanks Beau, I'll keep an eye out and report if I see the error occur again.  If not then in a couple of days I'll ask that we deploy the fix to all UNIFYConnect environments, if that's OK with you.


Fix was rolled into latest 5.3.4 release, and will have been rolled out to UNIFYConnect environments.