Join transformation on different data type fields

Huu Tran 11 years ago in UNIFYBroker/SAP ERP Human Capital Management updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

It is more like a theoretical question but happen to Monash's implementation;

In Adaptor in IdB, we have 2 tables name A and B. We need to join A.x = B.y to get the attribute B.z.

However, x is integer and y is string and hence they do not match.

Is the any convert function for this?

Adam is currently giving this a try, but Huu says that there were no error messages - the field that should have resolved for B.z should have been present, but wasn't.

This can't be done in the transformation, I've created IDB-1084 for this functionality (won't be for v4.1).

What connectors are you referring to, and what fields specifically? I might be able to change the connector to allow for type conversions.

It is OJBID column from a table connector. But it is the best to do it in a configurable way as it may happen to other joins as well

The new version on SUBIDBSAP:Downloads takes the connector schema field type so it should allow you to change both fields to string, or (if all values are integers) to int.

Should also mention this effects the employee and table connectors.

It works like a champ. Thanks heap.