Ideas for improved Identity Broker configuration exception reporting

Bob Bradley 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

I've noticed that in general the exception reporting is very good at identifying the cause of a problem, however in the following scenarios it is not:

  • when 2 field nodes in the same entitySchema have the same name (obvious error but easy to make when hand crafting xml) the exception raised in the Application Event log (when the Identity Broker fails to start) is simply "The parameter is incorrect". There is no evidence as to what was the problem, nor whether it was an adapter or connector issue;
  • when configuring a Relation.Group.Composite transformation, I accidentally included a key reference to a column of the base connector in a dnComponent, instead of a column defined by the RelationshipConnectorID - in this case the IdB service started OK, but when attempting an Adapter entity search an exception "Adapter get all entities for adapter xxx failed with reason 'Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: attributeValue'". Of course there is no such parameter "attributeValue" exposed in the adapter config, so I presume this is internal to IdB. While the text makes sense once you know the problem is with your DN, trying to track this problem down in a composite adapter with many adapters configured is quite problematic.

I'm sure if I was diligent in logging more of these in JIRA I would come up with a few more, so maybe we can keep reusing this JIRA item in the future ... but right now the above 2 are a good start

Yes, the more resources in Jira the better for all.

This will not be an issue in v4.0 of IdB due to new UI and validation routines.


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