IdB v4.1: Group transformation to multi-value string attribute

Huu Tran 11 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 8

Monash needs a transformation in adaptor to join two tables and group the resolved values (type of String) to a multi-value string attribute.

I looked at GROUP transformation but it only groups values to multi-value DN.

Please suggest the alternative if any or request additional transformation

The Group transformation doesn't support that scenario.

Maybe you'll be able to use the Group transformation and a composite adapter and do the logic in FIM to get the value from the reference. However, my bet would be on de-referencing the multi-valued DN in FIM, and using an advanced flow rule to get the DN into the desired format (e.g. remove CN=).

  1. Could you explain the scenario for me? Why do they require a list of multi-valued strings? What is the data model? Why does the suggestion to use multi-dn with a composite adapter not suffice?
  2. How is this client different to our other SAP implementations? Why do they require this logic when the others have not?

The underline context for this issue is: Monash requires to bring in the pervious person id of employees from SAP to FIM. In SAP, previouse personIDs (or past personID) can be looked up

  • Table 1001 with a search condition to resolve the current personid to a key.
  • Table 1000 with a search condition to resolve the key to multiple past personIDs.

As they are past personIDs, they cannot be represented in FIM as objects. Hence it cannot be multi-value DN

Our SAP connector (and ABAP modules) does have a specific connector to read the past personIDs. The only way to do it is to import those tables using Table connectors and using one of the transformation.

Last but not least, I think GROUP transformation should allow to target attribute's data type be configurable. The template will dictate how it is written though. It will be much more generic and be used in multiple scenarios.

I recommend looking at my original suggestion:

...de-referencing the multi-valued DN in FIM, and using an advanced flow rule to get the DN into the desired format (e.g. remove CN=).

Dereferencing means just converting the attribute from a multivalued DN to a multivalued string in the management agent.

I have created IDB-1085 to look at building this functionality into a future version.

Not fixed but work-around is provided.