GoogleApps Organizations XML Blob having exported-change-not-imported error

Monash 9 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Google Apps updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

The XML Blob for organization in objectclass user is not working as expected. Having exported-changes-not-imported issues


organizations XML Blob.JPG

Hi Piyush,

The issue that we have discussed regarding Orgs XML is a result of a requirement agreed between Ryan and UNIFY engineering department to avoid a situation
where information is available in more than one field. The reason this is a problem is for two reasons, 1. Which set of information to use on export if it’s in multiple places? 2. Following an export, would have to retrieve the item again to update all fields, instead of relying on the status of the export back from the API.

The behaviours for exporting to any of the XML fields that also have a set of flattened fields available in the connector are:

1. When any flattened field is in the schema:
• XML elements that are set as primary are removed; otherwise
• Default to non-primary (the field essentially becomes the way to configure non-primary objects for that type).
2. When no flattened fields are in the schema:
• XML elements that are set as primary are set as primary objects; otherwise
• Default to non-primary.

I hope the above will assist in clearing the confusion with flattened fields.

Shared information with the client waiting for their test results.

Closing the issue after confirmation from Monash