Issue with Google Groups Connector generating large numbers of RSA files on export

Hayden Gray 4 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Google Apps updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 4 years ago 4

We have recently been having issue whereby the UNIFYBroker service account appdata directory (C:\Users\<IdB Service Account>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\<user object SID>) seems to fill up rapidly with RSA files. At its currently rate it appears to be filling up with the addition of thousands of files a day. I have done some testing between UNIFYBroker and Process Monitor and have been able to narrow down a particular operation in UNIFYBroker that seems to be generating all the files in this directory and not clearing them after creating them.

The main operation from what I can tell seems to be the export operation on the google groups connector. I have tested imports on these same connector and this doesn't seem to be generating the files from what I can tell. Please see the images below showing the timings for these jobs lining up at exactly the same time.

Image 5847

Image 5848

Environment Details:

UNIFYBroker: v5.3.1

Google Connector: v5.3.2

Let me know if you need any further information.

Thanks Beau, I was able to put the patch in yesterday and left Broker to run overnight. No new files have been created since.

Hi Hayden,

Given a few weeks to review, are you happy that the patch has worked as intended? 

Hi Matthew,

Yes the patch is working great. Thank you for your help