Foreign Multivalued Group Transformation reports "Value cannot be null" for multivalued attribute with no members

Adrian Corston 1 month ago in UNIFYBroker Service updated 1 month ago 1

Please see attached Broker configuration.  The "MIM LMS Group Users" connector generates records for groups, with a multivalued field "PersonNumbers" that is then used by the "MIM LMS Person" adapter in a Foreign Multivalued Group Transformation to generate the DNs of the groups each user is a member of.  When a group has no members, running an Import All on the connector causes a "Value cannot be null" error to be logged.  If I change the source data to not include any groups with no PersonNumbers data then the error does not occur

As a workaround, I've inserted a dummy value into blank PersonNumbers field values as shown here:

I tried to replicate this issue in a simpler Broker instance, but I could not sorry.

Affected Versions:
Fixed by Version:

Here's the original PS connector code (bottom of the import script) which populates PersonNumbers field with no values and demonstrates the problem: