Field names in employee connector will cause problems with Identity Broker v3.0

Shane Day (Chief Technology Officer) 14 years ago in UNIFYBroker/SAP ERP Human Capital Management updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

Identity Broker v3.0 introduced new restrictions on field names at the adapter level.

Suggested improvement for Identity Broker for SAP HCM v3.0.0 is adding another layer of interpretation for the employee connector allowing more human readable field names, and avoiding the use of InfoType:Field*SubType - where * is a special character. This will avoid high usage of transformations at the adapter level.

Suggest the following change to configuration to make greater sense:

<infotype name="0000">
  <subtype subTypeCode="" fieldName="BEGDA"/>
  <subtype subTypeCode="" fieldName="ENDDA"/>
  <subtype subTypeCode="" fieldName="PERNR"/>
  <subtype subTypeCode="" fieldName="STAT2"/>


<infotype name="0000">
  <infotypefield fieldName="BEGDA"/>
  <infotypefield fieldName="ENDDA"/>
  <infotypefield fieldName="PERNR"/>
  <infotypefield fieldName="STAT2"/>


<infotype name="0105">
  <subtype subTypeCode="0001" fieldName="0001+USRID"/>
  <subtype subTypeCode="CELL" fieldName="CELL+USRID"/>
  <subtype subTypeCode="0005" fieldName="0005+USRID"/>
  <subtype subTypeCode="0020" fieldName="0020+USRID_LONG"/>
  <subtype subTypeCode="0010" fieldName="0010+USRID_LONG"/>         


<infotype name="0105">
  <infotypefield subTypeCode="0001" fieldName="USRID"/>
  <infotypefield subTypeCode="CELL" fieldName="USRID"/>
  <infotypefield subTypeCode="0005" fieldName="USRID"/>
  <infotypefield subTypeCode="0020" fieldName="USRID_LONG"/>
  <infotypefield subTypeCode="0010" fieldName="USRID_LONG"/>         

This break only affects one client, and makes the configuration much easier to understand.

I agree - this is a much easier configuration exercise. The additional superflous character in the configuration caused no end of issues during the initial deployment. It will be a small change to the existing client configuration to bring it up to date and can be done as part of the upgrade request.

Additional to this, in order to specify connector field names, the following configuration will be used:

<infotype name="0105">
  <infotypefield subTypeCode="0001" fieldName="USRID" connectorFieldName="UserId" />
  <infotypefield subTypeCode="CELL" fieldName="USRID" connectorFieldName="Mobile" />
  <infotypefield subTypeCode="0005" fieldName="USRID" connectorFieldName="Phone"/>
  <infotypefield subTypeCode="0020" fieldName="USRID_LONG" connectorFieldName="Mail" />
  <infotypefield subTypeCode="0010" fieldName="USRID_LONG" connectorFieldName="OperatingSystemID" />         

This allows for "friendly" names to be used in the connector, and avoiding using transformation to adhere to Identity Broker v3.0 restrictions on field names.

The examples above are not representative of the true use of the infotype and subtypes within SAP.

Also note that this item has implemented only retrieving the subtypes that are required for a given infotype, instead of retrieving all subtypes.

Issue coding completed. No test SAP system to confirm, will remain unclosed until tested.