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User creation via SCIM gateway is successful but UNIFYBroker logs a SCIM operation error

Adrian Corston 5 months ago updated by Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 3 months ago 6

Even though a SCIM connection from Azure UNIFYBroker successfully created a new user in AD, it also logged an error.

Log and config attached.




Affected Versions:
Fixed by Version:

AAD does not report the error in the audit log.  The error message in the UNIFYBroker is the only symptom.

I'll install the new DLL and try some more new user provisions

The entity search via SCIM was all initiated by Azure; I'm not aware of any way to trigger SCIM requests explicitly from the Azure portal.

Correction - I found a different type of log in the Azure console which shows the error:

And.... it appears that Azure retrospectively changes the Provisioning log.  Here's what the above record looks like now:

Trying it now.

Do you know which UNIFYBroker version these SCIM patches will be included in, so I can make sure I use the right one when I my customer setups?


That's still undecided at this point. Once you've finished setting up your environment and proving your use cases, we can assess what SCIM changes/fixes were needed or is still needed and make a decision that makes sense at that point in time. We'll let you known once we do.

Hi Adrian,

Were you able to test the above patch and determine whether there were any further issues?