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Some new records not being added as changes in the change log

Hayden Gray 4 years ago updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 4 years ago 4

Hi Guys,

We've had a couple of entities today reported not provisioning into FIM. So I did some investigation and I found that the entities have come into UNIFYBroker through a DB Connector and then added to the adapter. However I cannot see a change log entry in the DB to then flow in via a delta in FIM.

So far I have check the change log table as mentioned and the UNIFYBroker logs. I cannot see any errors around the time the record was created in the adapter nor can I see any errors referencing the connector/adapter combo.

Currently we are on the latest version of Broker v5.3.2.

As a workaround we are doing a Full Import to bring it into FIM but it takes quite a while as its a large MA, so it would be good to get to the bottom of this. If you need any more information or need me to do some more digging I'm be happy to help.


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Hi Hayden

Can you provide your config? Could you provide examples of the entities?

How many entities did not get change log entries? Did they all happen as part of the same connector import? Were there any other changes in the same connector import and did they get change log entries added for them?

Are these entities for brand new records, or was they updated/renamed, readded after being deleted, or something like that?

Hi Beau,

Sorry looks like they did come through. I just didn't see them in the connector space :(, they just weren't projecting into the metaverse based on the data they had. So I guess a followup question is do brand new entities show up in the change log?


Yes, new entities get change log entries with a ChangeType of 1, which indicates an add, and should have the Changes set with every non-null entity value with the :+ separator.

If your sure these entities were actually provisioned on the delta then there must have been a change log entry for them. Change logs shouldn't ever be removed, except by a clean-up process which deletes logs older that 14 days. Would these entities have been imported by the connector longer ago than that?

Not a bug

Strange. Perhaps there's some edge case where an add change log entry can be created as an update entry. But as long as the entities get into MIM connector space properly with all the appropriate values on deltas then its probably not anything to worry about.

Will close this issue since it seems everything working as it should.