New Aderant Expert connector failing to clear HPPhoneNumber attribute

Adrian Corston 5 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Aderant Expert updated 4 years ago 3
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MIM has around 940 pending export deletes for HPPhoneNumber attributes, and they are being processed successfully by UNIFYBroker and the Aderant Expert connector (i.e. no export errors).  However, during a subsequent Full Import by MIM that attribute is being restored to the non-NULL value, meaning that the next Full Sync results in each of those objects having a new pending export, ad infinitum.

Thanks Beau.  The first time I ran an export/import cycle with this new DLL I saw 668 objects where the deletion of HPPhoneNumber has been successful, but still 277 where it came back with exported-change-not-reimported still.

I can't see anything obviously different between the objects that updated and those that didn't.

I'll try running some more export/import cycles and see what happens.


Closing this one. We can reopen if needed in the future.

Sorry for not getting back to you on this.  The customer has had server problems and delays, so I don't know if the issue remains or not.  I doubt it self-fixed, but if/when I return to working on this I will check and re-open if required.