SharePoint Broker: Deleting Users with checked out resources

Peter Wass 13 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Microsoft SharePoint updated by anonymous 9 years ago 10

When deleting a user, what will occur if the user has resources (eg a document) checked out in SharePoint. When using the standard web interface it fails. Can you describe the Broker process (will it just fail and return an error?)

Hi Peter,

Is this SharePoint 2007 or 2010? Our 2007 connector uses the standard web interface so I expect that it would also fail. 2010 uses a different approach that we might have to do some quick research/testing on now.

2010. Sorry should have specified.


Adam to investigate how the 2010 object model reacts.

Hi Peter,

I am having difficulties with my VM and will not be able to use it to test against as Matthew will not be available until at least next week.

As the webservice uses the same methods that are available to us in 2010, I am quite sure that it would also fail in 2010.

Thanks Patrick

I'll take it under advisement and document accordingly. I am lowering the priority. If you can confirm when you get a chance I'd be grateful.

Matthew, could you please confirm the behaviour?


Added component and fix version.

I initially encountered an error saying that the profile could not be loaded from the database, but this was to do with the fact that I was relogging in as an authenticated AD user after the SharePoint profile had been deleted, creating a new profile in an inconsistent state.

The connector successfully deletes profiles in SharePoint 2010 with checked out resources. I tested this by checking out a page, an XML document, and a Word document, with a number of different accounts. The test was to just delete the SharePoint profile and not the underlying Active Directory profile (this is a separate operation).

This issue took much longer than expected due to issues configuring the environment. I will mark this issue as resolved after I have documented some of these.

Marked as resolved. Peter, our testing has found that the profile is successfully deleted. Let us know if this is not the case for you.

Issues encountered during the configuration of the environment documented at PRDGRP-33 and PRDGRP-34.

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