Aderant Express v. connector reports "Invalid column name 'OBSOLETE_1'" on Import All

Adrian Corston 5 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Aderant Expert updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 5 years ago 3

I am upgrading from IDB to UNIFYBroker and recreating the Aderant Expert connector (using a SQL Agent).  Test Connection on the Agent returns successfully with no warnings or errors.

When I run an Import All I immediately see the following error logged:

Image 5377

Looking at the Aderant Expert database in SSMS I see that the HSM_PERSNL table has an OBSOLETE_1 field as might be expected:

Image 5378

Image 5379

Image 5380

Can you advise what SQL command is being executed, or otherwise help work out why it's failing?

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I won't be able to progress until you can get me the database schema. As stated before it needs to be the complete schema as a single file. I need to be able to import the schema locally. Please ensure that this is possible with the schema you export.

Interestingly this version appears to have imported all from Aderant Expert successfully.

Things I did differently this time: I restarted the server after uninstalling the previous version.

If it continues to work successfully then I'll let you know to close this ticket - probably in a few weeks or so after it's been thoroughly tested.



Good to hear. I'll close this topic now, though. We can reopen it or start a new topic as appropriate if something comes up during testing.