Consider a mobile-optimized home page for products with prioritized alerting/monitoring

Patrick Johannessen 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

From Bob Bradley:

Leading on from Event Broker, how about a mobile version of Event Broker with monitoring/alerting built in? Product roadmap?
Thinking of FIM custodian wanting peace of mind – clearing sync bottlenecks while out on the road such as restarting the service after an outage.
Explain my thoughts a bit more later … but prompted by a Microsoft email plugging “Prism” for developing apps for the Microsoft equivalent of the IPhone AppStore.

My response:

Regarding mobile usage – the EB v3.1 web interface scales fairly well to mobile/tablet devices and the next version of IDB will do the same (predominately the tabs aren’t great in v4.0). I don’t expect we’ll do native app development any time soon for a number of reasons (can go in to that further if necessary), so expect anything we do to be constrained to the browser, but an optimized home page for mobile devices with prioritized alerting/monitoring could be done quite easily.

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