Web Services Connector

Matthew Davis (Engineering Manager) 1 year ago updated 8 months ago 1

A web services connector may be something worth adding, if possible.

Ideally, it would have the option to take a service contract from a swagger document, WSDL file (either SOAP or WCF) and hard-mapped REST endpoints.

It would be fairly complex, as there would need to be some form of data object mapping (mainly for WCF and SOAP) and also argument mapping for calling methods that require specific object instances (like for import and export methods). 

An option would be to enable raw c# input that does the object creation and mapping from schema object to data object (similar to how the powershell connector works) but with the base connector still responsible for the importing and parsing of the service contract.

Technically this could be achieved already with the existing powershell connector, however in its current usage it is not a repeatable or clean solution. May be worth seeing if improvements can be made to the powershell connector to support this use case. 

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