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Usability Improvement Rename Transformation

Daniel Walters 5 years ago updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 2 years ago 4

Two things,

there doesn't seem to be a need for IdB to add the text in the right hand column of the rename transformation after the attribute is selected in the left hand column. It jilts and takes a second to populate after the attribute has been selected from the drop down on the left. It'd be nicer if it just left the right column blank since the point of it is to rename the attribute, there's no need to get the old name pre-populated in the right side column field.

Can the tab order or something be changed so that when you press enter it clicks the add button (or does nothing). It's a bit of a data entry task adding the renames so hitting enter is natural and at the moment pressing enter clicks the Save Transformation button which clears any renames you've entered and haven't committed yet.

Under review

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the suggestions - i'll add them to our backlog.

The reason that it pre-populates the right hand column with the existing name is more often than not, the rename transformation is used to simply align with LDAP schema requirements, so generally people will just be removing symbols and other illegal characters and not performing a full rename on the field.

I see, it's annoying in my use case of actually renaming them but it would be useful to have a suggestion of an LDAP compliant name in those cases.

Regarding the second point, I'm not sure I'm reading it right. What does tab order have to do with the action on hitting the enter button? It's standard in web for the enter button to submit the form, which is why it's the default behaviour when inside a form element.

Tab order is probably the wrong thing, maybe it's focus. It submits the whole form, would be less risky if it submitted just the rename you're entering when you press enter because you lose all uncommited renames when you submit the whole form.