Staging error on MA because MIM is trying to import the same changes twice

Tom Parker 5 years ago updated by Matthew Davis (Technical Product Manager) 5 years ago 3

We are seeing occasional (approx 1 per month) incidents of staging errors in a specific MA in MIM targeting UNIFY Broker 5.0. We can see the the changes from the previous import is trying to be reimported (e.g., trying to add a value to an attribute in both runs).

From previous discussions this issue is likely on the MIM side because of a watermarking failure, but is there a known workaround that can be put in to UNIFY Broker to manage this?

Under review

Hi Tom,

Generally we have found that this issue is due to the MIM watermark having problems storing the correct value. The solution we have is to manage the watermark ourselves inside the MIM adapter. 

This workaround would require patching the existing MIM adapter, not a UNIFYBroker workaround. If this is appropriate, could you please provide me with the version of the MIM adapter that you're using and I'll get a patch to you with the changes to see if it resolves your issue?

Hi Tom,

Have you had a chance to determine whether the workaround would be appropriate for the situation as described?


Closing due to no response. Feel free to re-open if needed.